It’s not 50-50 , It’s 100-100

I was chatting with my husband last week about some of the blog post I’ve written so far, and new ideas I wanted to write about before this month. As we talked about my letters to stay-at-home moms, as we got stuck to “But what about the dads?” My first reaction was to explain that I was writing from my experience and my perspective. That I was gearing my writing toward women in similar situations to myself. But it got me thinking, and feeling a little disappointed in myself that I hadn’t considered his (and other dads’) roles earlier. I started to wonder, why wouldn’t I write a letter, an explanation, a thank you to those dads who contribute just as much to the family but in different ways?

This month (June) has been always my favorite, because in a same month I have my Mom’s birthday and Father’s Day together, now it’s much more important as I have my husband who is a new father and he is overachieving each and every day as a father

And I’m absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, grateful for him and all that he does. Every. Single. Day.

Midsummer Long weekend

For the man that he is, for the father he has become, and for the effort he puts toward our family and our marriage.

Having a child puts a whole new kind of stress and responsibility in your relationship. (I know many of you can relate)

Have we had tough moments? More than I can count.
Have we argued and disagreed about parenting styles? We have, and I’m sure we will continue to as we are in a jigsaw puzzle. But are we ready to improve, to grow, and to love unconditionally? Yes.

We put our family first each and every day, and it’s a conscious choice You can only make if you have a partner who is just as on-board as you.

And so, this is for my daughter’s father, and all of the other dads or partners out there making their own sacrifices outside and inside of the home for the sake of their families.

Dear Working Dads,

We see you. I see you. Your baby sees you.

I see you first thing each morning when you take five extra minutes out of your routine to snuggle our baby before leaving for the day. The smile on your face when your eyes meet, even though exhaustion and stress of the upcoming day. I see the sweet kisses you give her, and the joy in her laugh as she begs for more. (Aur Aur Papa).

I see you dancing and telling stories to her, as though you’ve been waiting your entire life to tell these. (Made up Stories of moo moo’s coming). I see the light in her eyes when you dip her low and lift her high, and the excitement on both of your faces. You two together are a sight I wasn’t sure I’d ever see in my life, and it’s one that I carry around in my heart and in my mind.

I still see you through the trial and error of conveying this thing called “parenthood”. When we disagree, when your ideas differ from mine, and when the conversation stops halfway, I see you trying, fighting for all that we have, and all that we can be/do. I see it, and I hope you do too.

This phase of life is not easy but precious and it’s ours. I see you wanting the world for our baby girl, just as I do. I see you, and I appreciate you, for never making me feel guilty for not getting it all done.

You are the other half of this backbone, and that role is one you take on with grace with a smile on your face and I see you improving every day each day and I love you for this.

Happy Father’s day !


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